The end of the road…?

I can’t quite believe I’m typing this as it all seems to good to be true after the last 10 months. After my last blog post I was pretty ill for 4 days and when I got better, my back decided to go into some sort of spasm. This was way worse than I’d been living with since stage 2 of the Ras na mBan last year – my back was in such a bad state that it was pulling on my pelvis and rotating it, meaning my hips were uneven height and leg length out too. Yet another hard decision about whether to race or not followed, in the end I decided not to as everytime I tried to climb on the bike it didn’t feel right with my leg being held at a funny angle from my hip.

I decided it was time to try something new and sought the help of an osteopath who has pretty much fixed me in 4 treatments. What a difference I feel after just 2 weeks – I honestly had no idea how rubbish I actually felt having learned to live with being wonky and got used to being in pain and I can’t believe I actually raced feeling so rubbish. It is a revelation to stand straight and normal, to feel all my muscles working properly when I cycle, and I can breathe better now the muscles in my back actually move instead of being jammed up and stuck together. The lower section of my back still doesn’t move quite as it should but its getting there, but other than that, I feel so much better and I’m now hoping for a better second half of the season…but to be honest, I just want to get back to enjoying racing rather than not enjoying it because I don’t feel physically right.

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